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 Rumays and Solvex Conference

Rumays and Solvex Conference Mr Rahgozar - Farghadani
The picture of the participants in the Solvex 2023 conference - Rumays - Rahgozar - Bitumen


Rumays and Solvex Conference, The managing director and members of the Rumays team participated in the 2023 Solvex World Conference in Dubai on Wednesday and Thursday, the 24th and 25th of August.

During these two days, Rumays team members had several meetings regarding further cooperation with producers, buyers, and traders of the bitumen industry and succeeded in establishing more cooperation with bitumen producers, especially with activists in the Persian Gulf countries during the days of the conference held at the Grand Hayat Hotel and in this conference, Rumays was able to enter the contract phase with African buying companies.

The Solvex conference ended its sixth edition on Thursday, which was held with the participation of more than 120 sponsors in the UAE and Dubai.

Rumays is grateful to all the members who worked hard to hold the conference.


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 Rumays and Solvex Conference